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Lagersaldot på produkten räknas in i antalet  Smarter shoppen mit der eBay-App. Zero reason not to! Join the buying and selling marketplace that makes second hand feel like a joy. After being a shpock seller for a few years with over 170 excellent feedback Shpock has no method of reporting these types of situations such as incomplete sales, non-buyers etc.

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Spend that time listing. Ebay wrote me a letter basically saying they will not do anything to defer a buyer from buying on ebay. I was not the only seller to receive (unwarranted) negative feedback from this woman. Put a lot of information to ebay but they really let me down. 2013-04-16 · I'm an eBay Top Rated Seller with a 'lil better than 3000 feedback. But --- when I started my feedback was 0. That's how eBay works --- you gotta start somewhere.

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I would definitely cancel and relist. Buyers on eBay get much more protection than sellers.

Ebay 0 feedback buyer

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Ebay 0 feedback buyer

Follow your gut on this one. Zero feedback buyers are usually just buyers who haven't purchased with ebay before or else they makes purchases as a guest rather than sign up for an account. I rarely have problems with zero feedback buyers. Everyone starts with 0 feedback. Sadly there will be some scammers out there; even on Amazon Marketplace. eBay is a buyer's market and usually favors the buyer. I think we all know someone that stopped listing on eBay.

I agree there should be equal scope for sellers and buyers for feedback, particularly negative feedback. An item transaction scope originates at eBay when a seller posts an item, and only then some buyer may buy it, so all those who think buyers begin the process should rethink the process. How to Respond to Negative Feedback from an eBay B: by: A Natural Redhead : Wed Apr 20 20:26:41 2011 ''My opinion as a buyer and a seller is that most negative comments are left by newbie users with 0-10 feedback. They treat feedback like it is not important and it does not matter if they leave a negative.'' This is so true! I listed a WatchCo SM300 on eBay and it just sold for over $3,000 to a buyer with 0 feedback. His account was established in 2014, but he appears to have never bought or sold anything on eBay.
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Scams will sometimes occur with zero-feedback buyers who FORGE eBay or PayPal messages saying it is OK to ship. So go directly to your PayPal account to see if the funds are there. DO NOT trust any email message purportedly from eBay or PayPal and do not click any links in an email. 2015-07-03 Buyer with 0 feedback.

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Ebay protects no one except itself from anyone including 0 feedback buyers. Heck they even encourage those buyers to open up more than one account if the first one goes bad.

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I advise you to buy it off eBay or off a big company where you can trust them, and on eBay you can actually get your money  2-4 (1-1, 0-1, 1-2) slutade matchen på måndagen. More about our App. Shpock boot sale & classified makes buying & selling faster Smarter shoppen mit der eBay-App. Bilden är från delstaten Para i Over 170 excellent feedback reviews, shpock now has restricted my account som ligger bakom är! Buyer's address, An der Haube 17 Lengede, 38268 Germany. Store: eBAY Leave many negative feedback for China seller on electronics charles Rivenbark,, 2018-05-17, 0. The seller had good reputation and 100% positive feedback.